REIGN: Blood and Snow

6/5/13 & 13/5/13

From the Personal Records of Eva Orenburg


I’ve started to scope out a bit more, on closer inspection Stephan seems fairly normal, a bit odd at times but doesn’t display many characteristics of someone trained in stealth. However I think I may have stumbled onto the right person even after that Sonorous Talbot the town physician. I’m surprised it took me this long, he’s been staying in the guild hall since the others have arrived. I’ll have to have a better look at him as soon as I get a chance.

In other news there was a Truil attack on the village, I’d been warned by the others that they were common in these parts and after what I heard I decided to do the smart think and stay clear. The others managed to dispatch them without the town being damaged, although some of the militia were lost. May their souls find peace. A funeral was held for them, Rammus spoke, despite himself he did manage to speak well and I hope the families and friends felt better for it.

Due to the attacks the darkest of days was a very somber day, more so than usual and the rest of Dyingmonth slipped away before us.


The season has started to turn, it isn’t over but the snow has stopped falling in such quantities and the mornings seem less brisk. We received word from some of the other towns. The Truil attacks had hit them a bit harder and word of our towns victory had spread. For a small fee we have sent trainers out to those in need. Hopefully next year there will be a stronger presence in these parts and the people will be able to fend for themselves.

The only other major event this month was that I finally received word from Radec, he was fairly vague but talks of seeing me soon, and of a trade negotiation, I am unsure what he means but I will wait for further word. He may be sending someone to meet me as well.


The year has finally turned, and the snow is staring to melt more and more and I can finally get through to Bankeld, I’m looking forward to getting trade moving again. I’m thinking of hiring a runner, and setting up some deals with Bankeld for some decent trade.

It was about a week in when the soldiers returned. I was in the shop at the time but I hear it was a sight to see them all march, it was shortly after this that once again I found Boltzman at my door summoning me to Fraenor’s house.

Being fairly close to the center of the town I arrived quickly before the others, I wish I had waited. Slipping into the main hall I found not just Fraenor but Ethelred, this was not going to be a good day. The others showed up fairly soon after and Boltman took up place behind Fraenor, Ethelred had his own bodyguard, I later found out her name is Cormorant.

Ethelred spoke first to the others, congratulating them on the town, and when he did regard me he acted as if I was new to him. I went along with it, I don’t really want to get on his bad side again.

He spoke of trade delegations that were to begin in Lumcroft within a week and wishes for us all to join him, I guess the ‘council’ are a power piece he wishes to show off, me I’m not so sure why I’m going but if the letter I received from Radec could have meant this I’m not missing it for the world. I zoned out a bit but when Ethelred mentioned that delegates were coming in from all over and mentioned Radec by name I payed a bit more attention. Fraenor’s seemed quiet through it all and he’s a difficult man to read but when Ethelred mentioned Radec, Fraenor was definitely alarmed. The others spoke of Uldholm issues and I tuned out again.

We spent a few days sorting to leave, I heard that Robin would be joining us as well. I think that’s mainly because they don’t want to leave him in town alone.

We set off early one morning, the weather has gotten a lot nicer although I know that floods are expected soon. The journey was a fairly long one and we stopped often. Ethelred spoke to some of the ‘council’, I tried to stay out of the way but one evening when we were staying at an inn he asked to see me. I didn’t trya dn get out of it and went to see him. He asked what I had found out and what is going on with the mines and how I found the group. I was rather vague and he did not press for more. Hopefully he’ll just settle into the idea that I’m actually rather incompetent at all of this.

We arrived into Lumcroft on schedule and the city is a nice one, it holds no candle to the major cities and nothing on some of the imperial ones but nice none the less. We’re being housed at the Hospitality guild, the best place to stay no doubt, we were given the day to ourselves and I spent most of it in the guild itself, just having a look around. I think I have scoped out some decent exits and hiding places. I spent the other half of the day in Lumcroft acquiring some newer clothes. I mainly went practical but I have a few nicer pieces in case of formal events.

We met in the dinner hall in the evening, overall the group settled in fairly well with only Rammus and Solun having major difficulties with the formalities. Warwick and Felix seemed quiet from the scope of things most of the people here seem to be political in stance. At some point hopefully some more formal introductions will be made. The delegates have started to arrive but as of yet Radec has not arrived.

I spent the rest of the evening in conversations with various guests, learning what I could about the various delegates coming into town.


From the Personal Records of Eva Orenburg


We settled in for the night at the camp, Eris was out for the night and Solun kept complaining about his lack of sight. I’ve never been blinded by anything but have enough experience walking around in the dark, it’s not that difficult when you get used to it. Once again Felix was a bit of a savoir generating heat for us through the night, considering there was a good chunk of snow on the ground come morning I think he saved us a very cold sleep.

When morning rolled round we packed up camp, Eris was still fairly out of it so we set her up on the front of my horse and I spent the day trying to stop her falling off. Solun hadn’t regained much of his sight so Craw led him, he didn’t walk him into anything or down any holes so I guess that when it comes down to it trusting that bird might be an okay idea.

It was almost a days walk back to Roufil, we got back late afternoon, I decided to get Eris straight to [sonorous-talbot | Sonorous ], he gave her a look over and a tonic of some sort which seemed to help, saying the blindness should completly subside within a few days. Solun stopped into see him as I took Eris back to the guildhall. Figured she shouldn’t be left to her own devices just yet. I then checked in on the shop, nothing out of place, so I set to tidying the snow out front.

I’d made a fairly clear path when Warwick came along followed by Boltzmann, my arm still aches when I see him. we’d once again been summoned to see Fraener, so after gathering the others we headed to the town square to see what was up this time.

When we entered he seem obviously shaken by something, a rather concerned anger. He didn’t waste time before accusing us of setting up Axel’s mission so we could sneak off into the closed off mines. He even had pictures of us in the Oblob temple place, still need to find out how he got those. Rammus and Solun fairly quickly diffused the issue, with Warwick showing the map of the area we’d been too. Fraener did apologise however he now wants us to find out more about this place, we’re to go to Bankeld to seek out a Scholar there who knows about the area.

After all that and the attack still on our minds we decided to spend the night in the tavern. The others did not seem to worry much about the images Fraener had, although Warwick like me seemed to be keeping a keen eye on the others about.

As the night went on the merriment picked up as always Eris even started singing, something to the likes of:

’I was a poor maiden from Uldholm,
Until I got bit in the face,
By gigantic filthy monster bats
Cos’ I was in the wrong place!

Now whenever I hear a screech
I drink down enough ale for four
Then grab my sword and I yell
And fight ’til kicked out the door

Schemvemligs! Schemvemligs!
Those hairy gross little shits!
Schemvemligs! Schemvemligs!
I want to chop them to bits!’

Rammus, Solun and Felix all joined in, in various ways, as did most of the tavern. I was about to settle in for the evening ready to drink away the problems for now, but whilst scanning the bar one of Fraener’s Mercs stood out just a little too much. She seemed out of place and although not uncommon to see them in here she was distracted and not just by *Eris*’ bad singing.

Warwick seemed to have noticed her as well. We didn’t really need to speak about it but both followed the instinct, we left the tavern and headed out the town, both being wary of anyone following. Once we’d gotten a ways out we waited now one seemed to be following us. Not this time at least. Warwick took the direct route back into town whilst I went a way a bit just to be sure, heading back towards the tavern via the shop. I didn’t spot Warwick in the tavern after that but the Merc was still there and the merriment had not subsided and Boltzmann had started to hover, no doubt expecting a brawl to start soon. He wasn’t wrong, it wasn’t long after I returned that people started throwing punches.

It didn’t last long with Rammus joining Boltzmann to stop it, I think there was a brief tussle between Rammus and Solun, and the most enthusiacstic fighters soon settled down as Oleg shut up for the night.

A quiet few days past after that, Rammus had dispatched a bird to Bankeld to find out if the Sages guild had someone who may be of help to us, and word acme back they did. Once the snows settled once more, possibly for the last time this season, we set out, I took the wagon to try and get some good deals to stock up some more before Dyingmonth. The journey was easy and quiet, most don’t travel at this time of year.

As we arrived in Bankeld it was quite clear that as Winter falls they have a bit more of a security, being near the border and all I don’t blame them. We were granted access fairly quickly and headed off into town. I found myself an Inn for the night, the others went off to deal with any personal deals. I stopped into the town shops, the market has closed but the townspeople still need somewhere to get there goods. I got some more basic winter supplies for a good deal and headed out to the Merchants. Still no reply from Radec, I know the weather can delay letters but I do hope I hear soon. Even just a name of someone who can help with my training would be great. I did hear about the mechanical lock though. It is being worked on as I write.

Early afternoon we met at the Scholars & Sages guild where we spoke to Rand, he told us of old times, before Uldholm was formed and this land was shared among a native people. Possibly Truil or related to them and that there are stories that speak of hill forts they created when the land was invaded. He knew little else although Warwick did briefly speak to him about Idols, a Truil thing most likely, Rand seemed eager to see the place so once spring comes round we may be making another expedition to the place.

With the evening drawing in we found ourselves in the fighting pits, Rammus and Eris both took up the challenge, Rammus putting his opponent down with relative ease and Eris, well after a tougher fight and a broken arm she threw in the towel. I bet on both of them, honestly more on Rammus and came out with more than I lost, all in all a good night.

We left Bankeld early the next morning, wanting to be back in Roufil before the weather had a chance to change. upon returning to the town I spent most of my time back in the shop, people were fair when I left but always needed something urgently when I came back, it’s fine with me, the more they need something the more they’re willing to pay for it.

Most of the rest of the month was quiet only real occurrence was the bear attack. It was one night a few days after the Bankeld trip. Eris and I had been training once again, I’ve started to try my hand at throwing daggers. I think I’m getting the hang of it. Anyway we were packing up from training when a loud noise rang through town. We didn’t wait after that both of us headed towards the food stores, Felix and Warwick were already there when we arrived. Eris decided to have a look and a few moments later came out screaming ‘Bear! There’s a Bear!’ With her screaming and the Bear raging it wasn’t long before Solun and Rammus showed up. Upon there arrival I headed back into town to get the others. Boltzmann was already on his way out the door as I came past and I took him towards the food store, hearing Robin following.

As we arrived back the others were doing alright, well to a degree, the bears head was on fire, and Rammus tackled it! but overall they managed to kill it. Rammus and Robin started to speak with the soldiers whilst Eris and I did a quick perimeter check, we found where the bear had come in, it had climbed the ditch, only found tracks for one animal which was good. The food store was mainly fine, a few barrels overturned and the like little was lost though.

After that I had little to do, I heard there was some problems with one of the new blacksmiths, something to do with the red iron. Craw spent some time in the tavern as a bear skull, rather amusing and after the others had got there trophies from the bear carcass I bought the leftovers, a few things could be done with it and considering I got it for next to nothing I could make a good pot of money.


The weather took it’s signature turn for the worst to signal the start of Dyingmonth, the guildhalls and jail have been opened up for those who need shelter and heat. Felix has been doing a lot of extra heat spells, he thinks I don’t know about some of them but I do. I’m not going to stop him though those who are paying can afford it those who can’t needn’t die because of it.

I’ve started to be on my toes a bit more. I’m sure we’re being watched, I will have to tread more lightly especially with the snow. It was early one morning when I was going to open up and there were relatively new footprints around the shop. It was before sun up not many in this town were early risers so I followed them. The person had made some attempt to cover them but I found the end. They ended at the house of Stefan, I know little about him, I know he’s a miner. I shall be keeping an eye out for him now though.

A spy in their midst
Roufil - 16th Winterlock

The spy left their house and wandered through the village. Torchlight flickered off the walls, leaving dancing shadows floating across the cobbles. The ‘council’ had left for a few days to go along with Axel on his mission to find further spots to mine. Overall, the spy considered that this wasn’t a bad use of their time. It would be a shame to lose Axel as he was a convenient way to get into those mineshafts. The organisation would see that the council wouldn’t be able to change Axel’s mastership test and if he did find more ore, that was just convenience. Still, they would only be away for a few days at most so the spy would have to take good advantage of this time.

Off to the spy’s right, the militia were doing night-time training with Holk and Robin. Strange how much things had changed in merely a few months. In times past the militia had been overeager boys with blunt spears and scrappy armour, with merely a burned out soldier to lead them. Looking at the well-defined ranks practicing formation drills on the cleared out practice yard, the spy saw little resemblance to the ragtag bunch they had once been. Robin screamed insults and knocked over a man who had been marching out of step and the he picked himself up without a word and leaped back into line within moments. Since the farm, they really had changed.

The spy considered the ‘council’ – he wasn’t convinced the higher ups had made a wise decision. It made sense to pick people who were competent – otherwise nothing would get done – but from what the spy had seen of them, these people were something else. Rammus, the Houndmaster, had the air of a natural leader about him. The men leaped at his command and he was the one who had beaten them into shape. He was utterly fearless without the unbridled insanity of one like Robin – the man had set himself on fire, for Heluso’s sake. Solun on the other hand was just as worrying without having Rammus’ leadership abilities. The man kept to himself mostly, but the spy had heard the men talking about his prowess on the battlefield. Cleaving several men in a single swipe, shoving blows aside with his body, ignoring pain that would have felled a lesser man. The spy had watched him practice with the recruits and the man fought with an unrestrained ferocity that the spy had only seen in drugged up Truils. Speaking of Truils, Warwick was another worry. The spy had never seen anyone as good with a bow, and the man seemed to have the eyes and ears of a hawk. Plus, the man seemed to be magically attuned which meant nothing good – Truil magic was powerful and dangerous. The spy had seen Warwick drag the unconscious Tulia back from the battlefield, seen the bleeding bite marks on the man’s neck where she had tried to tear his throat out, seen him ignore the pain and seen the broken and bloodied huntress. Tulia was one of the most dangerous women he knew and Warwick had brought her in alive.

As the spy waited in the square for people to move away and give them an opening, they considered the rest of the council with trepidation. Svar could ride a biauchrus – the spy had heard he was well travelled but that was unheard of. As far as they knew, a biauchrus had never even been seen on this continent and here, suddenly, was a man who not only owned one but could ride it like the rumoured air warriors of the Matriarchy. The spy wondered what other tricks Svar had picked up on his travels. More worrying still was Felix, the Fire Dancer. Any flame mage was a potential threat but the spy had heard what happened in the Lightless Jungle and heard rumours of what happened to the bandits who attacked him – the man knew spells the spy had never heard of any Flame Dancer using. Worse, the spy had seen him fight. Most mages barely knew more than the basics but Felix moved like lightning. The spy had received a report that he was seeking training from Danzig, the Sword Saint. The organisation was trying hard to keep the master busy – they did not want Felix learning more about blades. This Eris was a concern to the spy. Her arrival was unexpected and she seemed to possess skills that no performer should have. As dangerous as they were, the rest of the council at least seemed to be relatively unsubtle and the spy was not too worried about being uncovered. Eris, on the other hand apparently slit a dozen throats without being seen and thus warranted being cautious around. Lastly, this new merchant, Lace was definitely a threat. The spy wasn’t sure of the details but had been informed that she was Imperial trained. They had seen her in action, she moved like the spy did. They recognised the light step and sharp eyes of someone who knew how to remain unseen and had heard that she broke into Fraener’s house and stole valuables. The spy had tried that themselves and had difficulties – Lace must be good. Of most concern is that the spy suspected that she may be trying to sniff them out. If she was, it was subtle. Still, instincts should be trusted and perhaps it was time to be more cautious.

People had moved away from the square and the mercenaries around Fraener’s house were deep in conversation. Now was the time to move. With practiced noiselessness, they slipped into the constabulary and silently shut the door behind them. Sliding open the bar to one of the cells, the spy opened the door and put a finger to their lips.

“What is it you want?” Tulia snarled, still manacled to the far wall where the guards had left her.

“Your freedom” said the spy, tossing her the key to the manacles.

Her eyebrow rose as she caught the key. “Why? What’s in this for you? Why should I believe you?”

“Believe me or don’t, but suffice it to say that Nina has her means” said the spy

“Nina? I had a feeling she might try something like this” said Tulia

“Of course, you didn’t think she didn’t have an insider, did you?” the spy lied effortlessly.

“I suppose not,” said Tulia, “it seems like her.”

Tulia finished unmanacling herself and accept the bag the spy offered her. Inside was a shortbow and arrows, a long hunting knife and food and water for a few days travel.

“I trust you can find your way out undetected?” asked the spy.

“Of course” scoffed Tulia.

“Good. You’ve been ordered not to kill anyone, you’re needed elsewhere.” when Tulia scowled, the spy added, “On the other hand, I’ve been told to tell you that you need to eliminate the other prisoners. Nina thinks they’re too much of a threat.”

Tulia’s scowl was replaced by a grimace of a grin. “Good. At least some shall go to the Gravedigger Queen tonight.”

The spy turned to leave. “Just be quick about it. And quiet too – don’t let yourself get captured again.” Tulia was already making her way to the next cell along, knife in her grip.

Back outside, the spy looked around and saw nobody around. There was a bark of laughter from the far side of Fraener’s house as the mercenaries made some joke to each other. Good. Tulia should make it out just fine. Just to be sure, the spy decided to go get some hot wine from Oleg’s and strike up a conversation with the mercenaries. No sense in leaving anything to chance. The spy smiled. For once they would be able to send a positive report to the higher ups. Uldholm was in good hands.


From the Personal Records of Eva Orenburg


Things are pretty much running as normal around here, a few things this month really worth mentioning. Turns out Warwick is a werewolf, it was the full moon. Eris and I had once again been training in the shop when Craw came knocking at the window asking for Eris to attend the guild hall immediately. I followed along to see what was up, most of the guild seemed to be awake and there was a fowl howling noise coming from the higher floor. Felix explained that Eris needed to get the door open to let the wolf out. She didn’t really like this plan understandably and the next thing we know there was a loud bang and a wolf came darting down the stairs and out the front door into the town.

Eris and I decided to follow it, I managed to find the tracks and we followed it though the town, passing by the guards, we followed the track to a fair distance from the town before we decided it was safe. We headed back and I decided to head back home, I think Eris went to stay in the guildhall as she felt a bit off with a wolf wandering around.

It was quiet for a bit after that I finally heard back from the locksmith in Ulfhact, I’m going to get a mechanical lock for the shop, I know that the Opektan disciplines aren’t widely known I’d rather not have people sneaking in and leaving anything. The masons guild have agreed to put it in for me so I’ve ordered it to be sent.

I made a few trips to Bankeld the snows are settling in more, so I’m trying to get as many goods as possible. Eris came along once to join up to the Mercenaries guild, think she’s working on getting the funds, might help her out after everything that happened this month.

I’ve also sent a letter to Radec, I’ve let him know about everything, I have to hope the letter gets through and that I’ll get a reply. I am desperate to hear back, I am starting to miss the Empire but until I hear back I still don’t know if I can go. It’s so weird not having him just there in the evenings.

The only other piece of major development was the trip up to the mountains, Axel decided it was time to find out if there was anything up there. The whole lot of us went, I took [HORSE] as I had no real want to go up mountains by foot, it was a good idea, Rammus and Eris seemed to struggle so I may have had problems. I kept an eye on the supplies at the back of the pack most of the time. It was a few days walk until we reached a gorge. Axel set off to have a look, the guys set up in the forest while Eris and I went looking for a cavern of some sort to set up camp, the weather was getting worse as the days went on. I found a decent sized cave tucked away with a stream nearby for water.

We set up camp as Axel spent the day surveying, the gents went caving, I tried my hand at fishing, I knew the theory but I caught nothing, I may give it a go another time, it was nice to have time to think. It was after sun off when we had settled in for the night. Solun & Warwick were on watch when they spotted a light in one of the other caves. We have quite an inquisitive bunch and all decided to go have a look, despite looks they’re quite a stealthy bunch. The cave was well lit. Warwick stumbled and kicked a rock. We heard footsteps but did not come across anyone. It seemed to be an Ob- lob temple. A strange well seemed to be the most important piece. Rammus & Warwick, seemed to have the most interest. I’ll be honest there was nothing too shiny to keep my interest.

When we had sufficiently bored ourselves looking at a well and dropping stuff in. We headed back to camp. The rest of the trip was uneventful, I finished my fishing rod but I didn’t catch anything, as I said though it was a great place to think I found my mind drifting back to home though.

When Axel had spend a few days in the mountains we finally decided to head back. Once again I took to horseback, keeping again to the back of the pack. Well until we heard a rather horrid shriek. Scanning the horizon there was a tree bank not far. I bolted, Warwick managed to keep pace, guess it’s something to do with the Wolfy-ness, Axel made it into the tree line as did Felix but when the others didn’t catch up he went back to see if he could help. Warwick and I set up camp. We could hear the creatures shrieking, and the time dragged.

Eventually they arrived, Solun & Rammus looked injured but Eris was out, they got right down to doing what they could, I tried to help, fetching water etc. but I have no clue how to heal anyone. I tried to stay out the way. Eventually they had done all they could, overall though it looks as though she’ll make it.


From the Personal Records of Eva Orenburg


And so the plan went ahead, Robin and Rammus had the plan rolling, I set myself up nearby but out of sight, so first things first and the main lesson I think we’ve learnt, don’t set yourself on fire. Robin went ahead with it & Rammus quite quickly learnt the error and tried to put it out, he failed really and the fire burned. Thinking things would go according to plan was my mistake. Solun had prepared a contingency and a counter attack overall however the fighting raged enough to warrant attention. I waited for a while, the fighting seemed brutal and I believe a few people went down. Solun was throwing buckets over those on fire, well he left Rammus to burn, not sure if it was intentional or not. Lucky for him someone else decided to put him out.

It wasn’t too much longer till one of Fraener’s Mercs decided to rouse both him and Boltzman, this was my opportunity, as soon as they’d left the house I made the dart, I think it went unseen, heading straight for the box I had seen, A small cut to my stomach and the lock was broken without too much of an issue. Inside there were a few curiosities, a large ornate silver bowl was the main thing, then there were some letters, a mirror and a vial of some kind. I had no time to look through at length and just grabbed the stuff to go. I also had a quick look in Fraener’s living quarters just in case. His desk seemed a bit more secure but the lock did give. A few more letters and a ring mainly caught my sight, I added them to the haul and set off to one of the hiding place I had previously found.

When I returned to the inn the fight had dissipated, I guess Boltzman and Fraener stopped it without too much of an issue. I sat down to a drink and Aroldo filled me in (I think I’m starting to understand him most of the time, I’ll get there soon enough hopefully). Oleg gave me it in Uldish afterwards so I think I know most of what happened.

Robin returned to the Inn whilst I was at the bar, he looked a little worse for wear, sporting a black eye. I felt rather responsible so got the man his first drink of the evening. I then slipped away to bed.

Things didn’t go so well after that I took my breakfast as normal the next morning and set up shop, I had planned to move the goods later in the day. I soon spotted Rammus, Eris, Felix & Solun being taken to Fraener’s house, figured it was to do with the brawl. However not long Rammus called his dogs. I had to move quickly, getting some lye from the kitchen I made for the hiding place quickly, tried to hide the scent tracks, as they drew closer I decided it was best to leave the goods hidden and make a dash. Eris and the dogs however spotted me. I need to stop getting caught. It’s a bad habit to keep going to jail like this.

Fraener had me rather painfully escorted to his house, and sent the others to check my room and wares. They didn’t find anything. I figured I had little to lose here and told Fraener of Ethelred. I have no loyalty to either seems both were giving me do or die choices. Fraener is now taking over any communication with Ethelred and I am to continue as a Merchant in town. I can’t shake the feeling there is someone else here but as of yet have not nailed them down. Will turn my time to that eventually.

Then came the unpleasant side of things, I had stolen personal stuff and Fraener needed to set an example so he had Boltzman break my arm, I have not felt that kind of pain before, and if I can help it it won’t happen again. I took Fraener to retrieve his goods, they’re of little use to me now and the ‘council’ needing their own explanation took me to the tavern for a stiff drink.

Eris & Rammus listened intently to my story the others seem less interested, Rammus bought me a drink when I spoke of how I’d tried to stab Ethelred. He turned his attention elsewhere but Eris and I kept talking. She’s a sneaky type two and we think there may be some benefit to learning some of the tricks we both know. However she can’t handle her alcohol. She started rambling at one point, something about her left shoe being so important and not knowing what she’d do without it and then she went on to talking about her past, quite colourful it seems. She used to be part of an assassins group, there is a price on her head I think, she’s useful to me now but who knows I’ll remember that, and that they’d been mistaken for another group the ‘Smiling Men’ or something. Who knows. Then as she got drunker she spoke more I also am aware of her spider phobia and then she broke down as she told me her middle name, ‘Mildred’, I’m not sure of the emotional outburst behind this but I wasn’t really asking.

After this I took to the general day to day of being a Merchant for a while, the locals seem unaware of what happened which is good, trade is still strong. People are starting to move into town more, so I started to think about setting up a more permanent place. The market is great but I have been in the inn a while now and I don’t think I’m going anywhere, I need to send word to Radec as soon as I can, I need to know what he wants me to do whilst I’m stuck here.

Speaking with some of the builders in town I find a good deal on having a house and shop built for me, and with being able to acquire the necessary materials this progressed quite quickly. I find myself now living in a fairly quaint little house above my little shop, I need to come up with a name and then get a sign made but for now I’m still the main merchant in town.

Eris and I have spoken about setting time aside to look into our talents, she seems to know quite a bit in regards to stealth and Radec did tell me to keep on top of my studying, without him as a teacher this has fallen so we’ve set some time up some evenings to see what we both know.


The temperatures have started to drop, *Felix*’s heating spell has been a blessing, and the sales have been great. The blacksmiths guild seems to be setting up shop, a guildhall looks to be in the works.

The main news so far is that one of the miners, Axel I think was his name is taking his experts exam soon. Fraener and him had a dispute about the potential re-open of mines 5, 6 & 7, no idea why but Rammus, Felix & Solun seem to agree so we went to talk to him, we’ve delayed him in starting out with the possibility of hunting for gold so we’ll see how that turns out.

I’m making a trip to Bankeld soon before the snow really starts to fall, I need to trade some older wares, I’m looking to get some clothing in for the winter and some decent general gear. I’ll be setting out before the week is out.

Personal Records of Eva Orenburg

From the Personal Records of Eva Orenburg

(Note: IC most of your characters won’t know this stuff, but I wanted to write some form of adventure log)


After receiving the ultimatum from Ethelred I headed out on route to the town of Roufil, a bit of a ways out but a fairly pleasant journey, not much to see on route with my main stop over in Bankeld, a decent enough market seemed to be in flow, and a guildhall is also present. It’s close enough to make trips too occasionally for supplies. Arriving in Roufil I was guided by some guardsmen on the gate to the local inn & tavern ‘The Jolly Truil’ a nice enough inn, and the stables seem good. An oddity however is that they are maned by an orangutan, I think they called him Aroldo, he seems to be taking care of the horses and keeping them away from the *Svar*’s Biauchrus.

After setting up in the Inn I spoke with Oleg the inn keeper, he let me know there were two main sets of people to talk to the ‘council’ who seem to have been a fairly recent set up and a rather mismatched bunch and the mayor Fraener. I didn’t really plan on going for the face first route to see Fraener. I decided to find the ‘council’ members first. Oleg pointed me in the right direction and I found Rammus and Eris, in midst of training their soldiers with one called ‘Robin the White’, he’s a sunless plains dweller from the looks of him, might have to find out more if I can. Rammus & Eris seemed pleased to see a merchant in town, I guess trade hasn’t quite reached here yet, it’s good means I can hopefully get a good footing before anyone asks too many questions.

They took me to meet the others, Solun,Warwick (A truil) & Felix (A firedancer), I was told of Svar whom I met later in the day. They seem all well and good, as I said a bit mismatched, I’m sure there is a story but I have my task for now. I’ll work on it until I no longer have any interest and if I still have no where else to be I may ponder it further. They then took me to Fraener, his house is closely guarded by Mercs. They don’t seem brilliant however his personal guard Boltzmann may cause me some frustration, the man doesn’t seem to sleep. Fraener seemed as happy as the others to see a merchant in town, said his hellos and goodbyes before I really got a chance to find anything out.

After these initial hellos I found myself drawn to the tavern, a few drinks and the stories of town started to spill, I learnt of a few incidents that occurred since the ‘council’ took up hold, but nothing of major value. It was this evening I met Svar who had been in Bankeld, dealing with the merchants guild as to the towns iron, he had hit some problems as the merchants were holding firm. I agreed to further cement myself here as a merchant to accompany him back to Bankeld and see if I could strike a bargain with my fellow Merchants. A few more drinks for myself and I disappeared off for a good rest.

It was the following morning when I received a wax tablet. A strange thing and I will have to find out who managed to get into my room. we set to Bankeld after breakfast. It didn’t seem to take as long with company, I guess I’m used to travelling alone. Once there, Svar and I headed to the guild hall to settle down to some talks. By mid-morning we seemed to have made a start and I excused myself both for lunch and to get a look at the market. I made a good fortune on the spices I had brought and found myself looking for things to sell back in town. Rammus and Eris had set out on an interesting venture to bring a brothel to Roufil I helped scope out a few places speaking to some potential employees before hastily departing once the bouncers realized what we were up too.

After the fun of the market and the brothel I returned to the guildhall to continue the negotiations overall I think we managed a fair deal, in trade for our first shipment we’re getting a [THING] and a small cut, we’ll have to straighten the paperwork but they’re willing to overlook the payments until we get off the ground. With that done we headed back to Roufil, both Warwick and Felix had joined us but I am unaware of their plans for the day.

Things settled down for a bit, I set into a rhythm, setting myself up every other day in the market square to bargain and trade. I’m winning the game, my funds just keep going up. As of yet Oleg seem the only decent opponent in town.


The temperature has started to drop and Felix came to me with a wonderful plan, he knows some magic that can cause a room to stay warm for most a day or night. He came to me with the proposition to sell it on to others. Oleg bought into the venture, Fraener however had a curious little thing that set him up with a similar effect. It was during this visit where I saw the box. It’s only a simple box but it’s calling to me, it might contain something useful or may just be practice but I need to know what’s in it.

Boltzmann became a problem again, through watching Fraener’s place the mercs were normal, no trouble but Boltzmann, he seems to not sleep and when I did once enter the home I believe he may have heard me, I must say I did not stick around.

And so I devised my little plan. Robin seemed the best chance I had, a distraction was needed to draw Boltzmann and Fraener out whilst I went in. I put to him the idea of a suprise training drill to test the men at their worst. Most frequented the tavern after work and the town would be overrun if the guards at the gate faltered. He took it almost immediately, running away with plans of surprise and something to do with fire, Rammus seemed to be taking the plan to extremes as well. I’ll be honest I do not know the details, save for when it shall occur. I just hope it will be enough to draw Boltzmann out for enough time.

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