REIGN: Blood and Snow


Personal Records of Eva Orenburg

From the Personal Records of Eva Orenburg

(Note: IC most of your characters won’t know this stuff, but I wanted to write some form of adventure log)


After receiving the ultimatum from Ethelred I headed out on route to the town of Roufil, a bit of a ways out but a fairly pleasant journey, not much to see on route with my main stop over in Bankeld, a decent enough market seemed to be in flow, and a guildhall is also present. It’s close enough to make trips too occasionally for supplies. Arriving in Roufil I was guided by some guardsmen on the gate to the local inn & tavern ‘The Jolly Truil’ a nice enough inn, and the stables seem good. An oddity however is that they are maned by an orangutan, I think they called him Aroldo, he seems to be taking care of the horses and keeping them away from the *Svar*’s Biauchrus.

After setting up in the Inn I spoke with Oleg the inn keeper, he let me know there were two main sets of people to talk to the ‘council’ who seem to have been a fairly recent set up and a rather mismatched bunch and the mayor Fraener. I didn’t really plan on going for the face first route to see Fraener. I decided to find the ‘council’ members first. Oleg pointed me in the right direction and I found Rammus and Eris, in midst of training their soldiers with one called ‘Robin the White’, he’s a sunless plains dweller from the looks of him, might have to find out more if I can. Rammus & Eris seemed pleased to see a merchant in town, I guess trade hasn’t quite reached here yet, it’s good means I can hopefully get a good footing before anyone asks too many questions.

They took me to meet the others, Solun,Warwick (A truil) & Felix (A firedancer), I was told of Svar whom I met later in the day. They seem all well and good, as I said a bit mismatched, I’m sure there is a story but I have my task for now. I’ll work on it until I no longer have any interest and if I still have no where else to be I may ponder it further. They then took me to Fraener, his house is closely guarded by Mercs. They don’t seem brilliant however his personal guard Boltzmann may cause me some frustration, the man doesn’t seem to sleep. Fraener seemed as happy as the others to see a merchant in town, said his hellos and goodbyes before I really got a chance to find anything out.

After these initial hellos I found myself drawn to the tavern, a few drinks and the stories of town started to spill, I learnt of a few incidents that occurred since the ‘council’ took up hold, but nothing of major value. It was this evening I met Svar who had been in Bankeld, dealing with the merchants guild as to the towns iron, he had hit some problems as the merchants were holding firm. I agreed to further cement myself here as a merchant to accompany him back to Bankeld and see if I could strike a bargain with my fellow Merchants. A few more drinks for myself and I disappeared off for a good rest.

It was the following morning when I received a wax tablet. A strange thing and I will have to find out who managed to get into my room. we set to Bankeld after breakfast. It didn’t seem to take as long with company, I guess I’m used to travelling alone. Once there, Svar and I headed to the guild hall to settle down to some talks. By mid-morning we seemed to have made a start and I excused myself both for lunch and to get a look at the market. I made a good fortune on the spices I had brought and found myself looking for things to sell back in town. Rammus and Eris had set out on an interesting venture to bring a brothel to Roufil I helped scope out a few places speaking to some potential employees before hastily departing once the bouncers realized what we were up too.

After the fun of the market and the brothel I returned to the guildhall to continue the negotiations overall I think we managed a fair deal, in trade for our first shipment we’re getting a [THING] and a small cut, we’ll have to straighten the paperwork but they’re willing to overlook the payments until we get off the ground. With that done we headed back to Roufil, both Warwick and Felix had joined us but I am unaware of their plans for the day.

Things settled down for a bit, I set into a rhythm, setting myself up every other day in the market square to bargain and trade. I’m winning the game, my funds just keep going up. As of yet Oleg seem the only decent opponent in town.


The temperature has started to drop and Felix came to me with a wonderful plan, he knows some magic that can cause a room to stay warm for most a day or night. He came to me with the proposition to sell it on to others. Oleg bought into the venture, Fraener however had a curious little thing that set him up with a similar effect. It was during this visit where I saw the box. It’s only a simple box but it’s calling to me, it might contain something useful or may just be practice but I need to know what’s in it.

Boltzmann became a problem again, through watching Fraener’s place the mercs were normal, no trouble but Boltzmann, he seems to not sleep and when I did once enter the home I believe he may have heard me, I must say I did not stick around.

And so I devised my little plan. Robin seemed the best chance I had, a distraction was needed to draw Boltzmann and Fraener out whilst I went in. I put to him the idea of a suprise training drill to test the men at their worst. Most frequented the tavern after work and the town would be overrun if the guards at the gate faltered. He took it almost immediately, running away with plans of surprise and something to do with fire, Rammus seemed to be taking the plan to extremes as well. I’ll be honest I do not know the details, save for when it shall occur. I just hope it will be enough to draw Boltzmann out for enough time.



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