REIGN: Blood and Snow


From the Personal Records of Eva Orenburg


And so the plan went ahead, Robin and Rammus had the plan rolling, I set myself up nearby but out of sight, so first things first and the main lesson I think we’ve learnt, don’t set yourself on fire. Robin went ahead with it & Rammus quite quickly learnt the error and tried to put it out, he failed really and the fire burned. Thinking things would go according to plan was my mistake. Solun had prepared a contingency and a counter attack overall however the fighting raged enough to warrant attention. I waited for a while, the fighting seemed brutal and I believe a few people went down. Solun was throwing buckets over those on fire, well he left Rammus to burn, not sure if it was intentional or not. Lucky for him someone else decided to put him out.

It wasn’t too much longer till one of Fraener’s Mercs decided to rouse both him and Boltzman, this was my opportunity, as soon as they’d left the house I made the dart, I think it went unseen, heading straight for the box I had seen, A small cut to my stomach and the lock was broken without too much of an issue. Inside there were a few curiosities, a large ornate silver bowl was the main thing, then there were some letters, a mirror and a vial of some kind. I had no time to look through at length and just grabbed the stuff to go. I also had a quick look in Fraener’s living quarters just in case. His desk seemed a bit more secure but the lock did give. A few more letters and a ring mainly caught my sight, I added them to the haul and set off to one of the hiding place I had previously found.

When I returned to the inn the fight had dissipated, I guess Boltzman and Fraener stopped it without too much of an issue. I sat down to a drink and Aroldo filled me in (I think I’m starting to understand him most of the time, I’ll get there soon enough hopefully). Oleg gave me it in Uldish afterwards so I think I know most of what happened.

Robin returned to the Inn whilst I was at the bar, he looked a little worse for wear, sporting a black eye. I felt rather responsible so got the man his first drink of the evening. I then slipped away to bed.

Things didn’t go so well after that I took my breakfast as normal the next morning and set up shop, I had planned to move the goods later in the day. I soon spotted Rammus, Eris, Felix & Solun being taken to Fraener’s house, figured it was to do with the brawl. However not long Rammus called his dogs. I had to move quickly, getting some lye from the kitchen I made for the hiding place quickly, tried to hide the scent tracks, as they drew closer I decided it was best to leave the goods hidden and make a dash. Eris and the dogs however spotted me. I need to stop getting caught. It’s a bad habit to keep going to jail like this.

Fraener had me rather painfully escorted to his house, and sent the others to check my room and wares. They didn’t find anything. I figured I had little to lose here and told Fraener of Ethelred. I have no loyalty to either seems both were giving me do or die choices. Fraener is now taking over any communication with Ethelred and I am to continue as a Merchant in town. I can’t shake the feeling there is someone else here but as of yet have not nailed them down. Will turn my time to that eventually.

Then came the unpleasant side of things, I had stolen personal stuff and Fraener needed to set an example so he had Boltzman break my arm, I have not felt that kind of pain before, and if I can help it it won’t happen again. I took Fraener to retrieve his goods, they’re of little use to me now and the ‘council’ needing their own explanation took me to the tavern for a stiff drink.

Eris & Rammus listened intently to my story the others seem less interested, Rammus bought me a drink when I spoke of how I’d tried to stab Ethelred. He turned his attention elsewhere but Eris and I kept talking. She’s a sneaky type two and we think there may be some benefit to learning some of the tricks we both know. However she can’t handle her alcohol. She started rambling at one point, something about her left shoe being so important and not knowing what she’d do without it and then she went on to talking about her past, quite colourful it seems. She used to be part of an assassins group, there is a price on her head I think, she’s useful to me now but who knows I’ll remember that, and that they’d been mistaken for another group the ‘Smiling Men’ or something. Who knows. Then as she got drunker she spoke more I also am aware of her spider phobia and then she broke down as she told me her middle name, ‘Mildred’, I’m not sure of the emotional outburst behind this but I wasn’t really asking.

After this I took to the general day to day of being a Merchant for a while, the locals seem unaware of what happened which is good, trade is still strong. People are starting to move into town more, so I started to think about setting up a more permanent place. The market is great but I have been in the inn a while now and I don’t think I’m going anywhere, I need to send word to Radec as soon as I can, I need to know what he wants me to do whilst I’m stuck here.

Speaking with some of the builders in town I find a good deal on having a house and shop built for me, and with being able to acquire the necessary materials this progressed quite quickly. I find myself now living in a fairly quaint little house above my little shop, I need to come up with a name and then get a sign made but for now I’m still the main merchant in town.

Eris and I have spoken about setting time aside to look into our talents, she seems to know quite a bit in regards to stealth and Radec did tell me to keep on top of my studying, without him as a teacher this has fallen so we’ve set some time up some evenings to see what we both know.


The temperatures have started to drop, *Felix*’s heating spell has been a blessing, and the sales have been great. The blacksmiths guild seems to be setting up shop, a guildhall looks to be in the works.

The main news so far is that one of the miners, Axel I think was his name is taking his experts exam soon. Fraener and him had a dispute about the potential re-open of mines 5, 6 & 7, no idea why but Rammus, Felix & Solun seem to agree so we went to talk to him, we’ve delayed him in starting out with the possibility of hunting for gold so we’ll see how that turns out.

I’m making a trip to Bankeld soon before the snow really starts to fall, I need to trade some older wares, I’m looking to get some clothing in for the winter and some decent general gear. I’ll be setting out before the week is out.



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