REIGN: Blood and Snow


From the Personal Records of Eva Orenburg


Things are pretty much running as normal around here, a few things this month really worth mentioning. Turns out Warwick is a werewolf, it was the full moon. Eris and I had once again been training in the shop when Craw came knocking at the window asking for Eris to attend the guild hall immediately. I followed along to see what was up, most of the guild seemed to be awake and there was a fowl howling noise coming from the higher floor. Felix explained that Eris needed to get the door open to let the wolf out. She didn’t really like this plan understandably and the next thing we know there was a loud bang and a wolf came darting down the stairs and out the front door into the town.

Eris and I decided to follow it, I managed to find the tracks and we followed it though the town, passing by the guards, we followed the track to a fair distance from the town before we decided it was safe. We headed back and I decided to head back home, I think Eris went to stay in the guildhall as she felt a bit off with a wolf wandering around.

It was quiet for a bit after that I finally heard back from the locksmith in Ulfhact, I’m going to get a mechanical lock for the shop, I know that the Opektan disciplines aren’t widely known I’d rather not have people sneaking in and leaving anything. The masons guild have agreed to put it in for me so I’ve ordered it to be sent.

I made a few trips to Bankeld the snows are settling in more, so I’m trying to get as many goods as possible. Eris came along once to join up to the Mercenaries guild, think she’s working on getting the funds, might help her out after everything that happened this month.

I’ve also sent a letter to Radec, I’ve let him know about everything, I have to hope the letter gets through and that I’ll get a reply. I am desperate to hear back, I am starting to miss the Empire but until I hear back I still don’t know if I can go. It’s so weird not having him just there in the evenings.

The only other piece of major development was the trip up to the mountains, Axel decided it was time to find out if there was anything up there. The whole lot of us went, I took [HORSE] as I had no real want to go up mountains by foot, it was a good idea, Rammus and Eris seemed to struggle so I may have had problems. I kept an eye on the supplies at the back of the pack most of the time. It was a few days walk until we reached a gorge. Axel set off to have a look, the guys set up in the forest while Eris and I went looking for a cavern of some sort to set up camp, the weather was getting worse as the days went on. I found a decent sized cave tucked away with a stream nearby for water.

We set up camp as Axel spent the day surveying, the gents went caving, I tried my hand at fishing, I knew the theory but I caught nothing, I may give it a go another time, it was nice to have time to think. It was after sun off when we had settled in for the night. Solun & Warwick were on watch when they spotted a light in one of the other caves. We have quite an inquisitive bunch and all decided to go have a look, despite looks they’re quite a stealthy bunch. The cave was well lit. Warwick stumbled and kicked a rock. We heard footsteps but did not come across anyone. It seemed to be an Ob- lob temple. A strange well seemed to be the most important piece. Rammus & Warwick, seemed to have the most interest. I’ll be honest there was nothing too shiny to keep my interest.

When we had sufficiently bored ourselves looking at a well and dropping stuff in. We headed back to camp. The rest of the trip was uneventful, I finished my fishing rod but I didn’t catch anything, as I said though it was a great place to think I found my mind drifting back to home though.

When Axel had spend a few days in the mountains we finally decided to head back. Once again I took to horseback, keeping again to the back of the pack. Well until we heard a rather horrid shriek. Scanning the horizon there was a tree bank not far. I bolted, Warwick managed to keep pace, guess it’s something to do with the Wolfy-ness, Axel made it into the tree line as did Felix but when the others didn’t catch up he went back to see if he could help. Warwick and I set up camp. We could hear the creatures shrieking, and the time dragged.

Eventually they arrived, Solun & Rammus looked injured but Eris was out, they got right down to doing what they could, I tried to help, fetching water etc. but I have no clue how to heal anyone. I tried to stay out the way. Eventually they had done all they could, overall though it looks as though she’ll make it.



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