REIGN: Blood and Snow


From the Personal Records of Eva Orenburg


We settled in for the night at the camp, Eris was out for the night and Solun kept complaining about his lack of sight. I’ve never been blinded by anything but have enough experience walking around in the dark, it’s not that difficult when you get used to it. Once again Felix was a bit of a savoir generating heat for us through the night, considering there was a good chunk of snow on the ground come morning I think he saved us a very cold sleep.

When morning rolled round we packed up camp, Eris was still fairly out of it so we set her up on the front of my horse and I spent the day trying to stop her falling off. Solun hadn’t regained much of his sight so Craw led him, he didn’t walk him into anything or down any holes so I guess that when it comes down to it trusting that bird might be an okay idea.

It was almost a days walk back to Roufil, we got back late afternoon, I decided to get Eris straight to [sonorous-talbot | Sonorous ], he gave her a look over and a tonic of some sort which seemed to help, saying the blindness should completly subside within a few days. Solun stopped into see him as I took Eris back to the guildhall. Figured she shouldn’t be left to her own devices just yet. I then checked in on the shop, nothing out of place, so I set to tidying the snow out front.

I’d made a fairly clear path when Warwick came along followed by Boltzmann, my arm still aches when I see him. we’d once again been summoned to see Fraener, so after gathering the others we headed to the town square to see what was up this time.

When we entered he seem obviously shaken by something, a rather concerned anger. He didn’t waste time before accusing us of setting up Axel’s mission so we could sneak off into the closed off mines. He even had pictures of us in the Oblob temple place, still need to find out how he got those. Rammus and Solun fairly quickly diffused the issue, with Warwick showing the map of the area we’d been too. Fraener did apologise however he now wants us to find out more about this place, we’re to go to Bankeld to seek out a Scholar there who knows about the area.

After all that and the attack still on our minds we decided to spend the night in the tavern. The others did not seem to worry much about the images Fraener had, although Warwick like me seemed to be keeping a keen eye on the others about.

As the night went on the merriment picked up as always Eris even started singing, something to the likes of:

’I was a poor maiden from Uldholm,
Until I got bit in the face,
By gigantic filthy monster bats
Cos’ I was in the wrong place!

Now whenever I hear a screech
I drink down enough ale for four
Then grab my sword and I yell
And fight ’til kicked out the door

Schemvemligs! Schemvemligs!
Those hairy gross little shits!
Schemvemligs! Schemvemligs!
I want to chop them to bits!’

Rammus, Solun and Felix all joined in, in various ways, as did most of the tavern. I was about to settle in for the evening ready to drink away the problems for now, but whilst scanning the bar one of Fraener’s Mercs stood out just a little too much. She seemed out of place and although not uncommon to see them in here she was distracted and not just by *Eris*’ bad singing.

Warwick seemed to have noticed her as well. We didn’t really need to speak about it but both followed the instinct, we left the tavern and headed out the town, both being wary of anyone following. Once we’d gotten a ways out we waited now one seemed to be following us. Not this time at least. Warwick took the direct route back into town whilst I went a way a bit just to be sure, heading back towards the tavern via the shop. I didn’t spot Warwick in the tavern after that but the Merc was still there and the merriment had not subsided and Boltzmann had started to hover, no doubt expecting a brawl to start soon. He wasn’t wrong, it wasn’t long after I returned that people started throwing punches.

It didn’t last long with Rammus joining Boltzmann to stop it, I think there was a brief tussle between Rammus and Solun, and the most enthusiacstic fighters soon settled down as Oleg shut up for the night.

A quiet few days past after that, Rammus had dispatched a bird to Bankeld to find out if the Sages guild had someone who may be of help to us, and word acme back they did. Once the snows settled once more, possibly for the last time this season, we set out, I took the wagon to try and get some good deals to stock up some more before Dyingmonth. The journey was easy and quiet, most don’t travel at this time of year.

As we arrived in Bankeld it was quite clear that as Winter falls they have a bit more of a security, being near the border and all I don’t blame them. We were granted access fairly quickly and headed off into town. I found myself an Inn for the night, the others went off to deal with any personal deals. I stopped into the town shops, the market has closed but the townspeople still need somewhere to get there goods. I got some more basic winter supplies for a good deal and headed out to the Merchants. Still no reply from Radec, I know the weather can delay letters but I do hope I hear soon. Even just a name of someone who can help with my training would be great. I did hear about the mechanical lock though. It is being worked on as I write.

Early afternoon we met at the Scholars & Sages guild where we spoke to Rand, he told us of old times, before Uldholm was formed and this land was shared among a native people. Possibly Truil or related to them and that there are stories that speak of hill forts they created when the land was invaded. He knew little else although Warwick did briefly speak to him about Idols, a Truil thing most likely, Rand seemed eager to see the place so once spring comes round we may be making another expedition to the place.

With the evening drawing in we found ourselves in the fighting pits, Rammus and Eris both took up the challenge, Rammus putting his opponent down with relative ease and Eris, well after a tougher fight and a broken arm she threw in the towel. I bet on both of them, honestly more on Rammus and came out with more than I lost, all in all a good night.

We left Bankeld early the next morning, wanting to be back in Roufil before the weather had a chance to change. upon returning to the town I spent most of my time back in the shop, people were fair when I left but always needed something urgently when I came back, it’s fine with me, the more they need something the more they’re willing to pay for it.

Most of the rest of the month was quiet only real occurrence was the bear attack. It was one night a few days after the Bankeld trip. Eris and I had been training once again, I’ve started to try my hand at throwing daggers. I think I’m getting the hang of it. Anyway we were packing up from training when a loud noise rang through town. We didn’t wait after that both of us headed towards the food stores, Felix and Warwick were already there when we arrived. Eris decided to have a look and a few moments later came out screaming ‘Bear! There’s a Bear!’ With her screaming and the Bear raging it wasn’t long before Solun and Rammus showed up. Upon there arrival I headed back into town to get the others. Boltzmann was already on his way out the door as I came past and I took him towards the food store, hearing Robin following.

As we arrived back the others were doing alright, well to a degree, the bears head was on fire, and Rammus tackled it! but overall they managed to kill it. Rammus and Robin started to speak with the soldiers whilst Eris and I did a quick perimeter check, we found where the bear had come in, it had climbed the ditch, only found tracks for one animal which was good. The food store was mainly fine, a few barrels overturned and the like little was lost though.

After that I had little to do, I heard there was some problems with one of the new blacksmiths, something to do with the red iron. Craw spent some time in the tavern as a bear skull, rather amusing and after the others had got there trophies from the bear carcass I bought the leftovers, a few things could be done with it and considering I got it for next to nothing I could make a good pot of money.


The weather took it’s signature turn for the worst to signal the start of Dyingmonth, the guildhalls and jail have been opened up for those who need shelter and heat. Felix has been doing a lot of extra heat spells, he thinks I don’t know about some of them but I do. I’m not going to stop him though those who are paying can afford it those who can’t needn’t die because of it.

I’ve started to be on my toes a bit more. I’m sure we’re being watched, I will have to tread more lightly especially with the snow. It was early one morning when I was going to open up and there were relatively new footprints around the shop. It was before sun up not many in this town were early risers so I followed them. The person had made some attempt to cover them but I found the end. They ended at the house of Stefan, I know little about him, I know he’s a miner. I shall be keeping an eye out for him now though.



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