REIGN: Blood and Snow

6/5/13 & 13/5/13

From the Personal Records of Eva Orenburg


I’ve started to scope out a bit more, on closer inspection Stephan seems fairly normal, a bit odd at times but doesn’t display many characteristics of someone trained in stealth. However I think I may have stumbled onto the right person even after that Sonorous Talbot the town physician. I’m surprised it took me this long, he’s been staying in the guild hall since the others have arrived. I’ll have to have a better look at him as soon as I get a chance.

In other news there was a Truil attack on the village, I’d been warned by the others that they were common in these parts and after what I heard I decided to do the smart think and stay clear. The others managed to dispatch them without the town being damaged, although some of the militia were lost. May their souls find peace. A funeral was held for them, Rammus spoke, despite himself he did manage to speak well and I hope the families and friends felt better for it.

Due to the attacks the darkest of days was a very somber day, more so than usual and the rest of Dyingmonth slipped away before us.


The season has started to turn, it isn’t over but the snow has stopped falling in such quantities and the mornings seem less brisk. We received word from some of the other towns. The Truil attacks had hit them a bit harder and word of our towns victory had spread. For a small fee we have sent trainers out to those in need. Hopefully next year there will be a stronger presence in these parts and the people will be able to fend for themselves.

The only other major event this month was that I finally received word from Radec, he was fairly vague but talks of seeing me soon, and of a trade negotiation, I am unsure what he means but I will wait for further word. He may be sending someone to meet me as well.


The year has finally turned, and the snow is staring to melt more and more and I can finally get through to Bankeld, I’m looking forward to getting trade moving again. I’m thinking of hiring a runner, and setting up some deals with Bankeld for some decent trade.

It was about a week in when the soldiers returned. I was in the shop at the time but I hear it was a sight to see them all march, it was shortly after this that once again I found Boltzman at my door summoning me to Fraenor’s house.

Being fairly close to the center of the town I arrived quickly before the others, I wish I had waited. Slipping into the main hall I found not just Fraenor but Ethelred, this was not going to be a good day. The others showed up fairly soon after and Boltman took up place behind Fraenor, Ethelred had his own bodyguard, I later found out her name is Cormorant.

Ethelred spoke first to the others, congratulating them on the town, and when he did regard me he acted as if I was new to him. I went along with it, I don’t really want to get on his bad side again.

He spoke of trade delegations that were to begin in Lumcroft within a week and wishes for us all to join him, I guess the ‘council’ are a power piece he wishes to show off, me I’m not so sure why I’m going but if the letter I received from Radec could have meant this I’m not missing it for the world. I zoned out a bit but when Ethelred mentioned that delegates were coming in from all over and mentioned Radec by name I payed a bit more attention. Fraenor’s seemed quiet through it all and he’s a difficult man to read but when Ethelred mentioned Radec, Fraenor was definitely alarmed. The others spoke of Uldholm issues and I tuned out again.

We spent a few days sorting to leave, I heard that Robin would be joining us as well. I think that’s mainly because they don’t want to leave him in town alone.

We set off early one morning, the weather has gotten a lot nicer although I know that floods are expected soon. The journey was a fairly long one and we stopped often. Ethelred spoke to some of the ‘council’, I tried to stay out of the way but one evening when we were staying at an inn he asked to see me. I didn’t trya dn get out of it and went to see him. He asked what I had found out and what is going on with the mines and how I found the group. I was rather vague and he did not press for more. Hopefully he’ll just settle into the idea that I’m actually rather incompetent at all of this.

We arrived into Lumcroft on schedule and the city is a nice one, it holds no candle to the major cities and nothing on some of the imperial ones but nice none the less. We’re being housed at the Hospitality guild, the best place to stay no doubt, we were given the day to ourselves and I spent most of it in the guild itself, just having a look around. I think I have scoped out some decent exits and hiding places. I spent the other half of the day in Lumcroft acquiring some newer clothes. I mainly went practical but I have a few nicer pieces in case of formal events.

We met in the dinner hall in the evening, overall the group settled in fairly well with only Rammus and Solun having major difficulties with the formalities. Warwick and Felix seemed quiet from the scope of things most of the people here seem to be political in stance. At some point hopefully some more formal introductions will be made. The delegates have started to arrive but as of yet Radec has not arrived.

I spent the rest of the evening in conversations with various guests, learning what I could about the various delegates coming into town.



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