Suspiciously intelligent, world weary orangutang with a penchant for getting odd jobs at the drop of a hat


Aroldo is a long term friend and companion of Felix. Although unlike Craw, he cannot talk and seems to be a totally mundane primate, he is astonishingly intelligent and can apparently flawlessly understand human speech. Felix is currently learning to converse in a language Aroldo can actually speak. Aroldo has a habit of using his simian strength to forcibly take up menial jobs in any place Felix travels to and almost always shows himself to be a tireless, competent and all-around exemplary employee. When issues of pay are brought up, Aroldo does not hesitate to knock out a few people in order to collect his fair salary – which he makes sure to keep separate from any of Felix’s earnings, although he does deign to front cash to Felix now and again.

Aroldo seems to be permanently exasperated with the antics of the humans he is surrounded by, although whether he is confused with human society or is just under the impression that he knows better, nobody is actually sure. Likewise, his overall intelligence is a mystery. He is certainly orders of magnitude smarter than the vast majority of his species and sometimes demonstrates that he can be more astute than many humans.

Aroldo has currently taken up a job at the Jolly Truil as a stablehand, since he is unafraid of Arshavir.


REIGN: Blood and Snow Doodmons