Axel the Foreman

The angry, clever one


Out of the four foremen who work in Roufil’s mines, they would all grudgingly agree that Axel is the most technically proficient of them. He passed his Expert exam by dredging a particularly perilous underwater mineshaft and is quick to tell people about it. He does not work well with others, is very demanding of his men but works with undeniable skill. He forsees problems that others do not and comes up with ingenious solutions.

His ill temper has been worse of late, since Shaft Three, his shaft, has not seen any ore in weeks. When they mined out the last of the vein they had been working on, they had not located another and thus far, still haven’t. Axel has been working his men harder and harder to find another vein and the other foremen are avoiding him for fear of an outburst.

After the party sent all of Victor’s workers to Axel for a day while they searched Shaft Four, Axel finally struck a new vein of ore, right where he said it would be. His usually grumpy demeanour cracked and he was heavily involved in that night’s celebrations – until Boltzmann threw him out.

When the smelter exploded, Axel forcefully denied that the odd ore that probably caused the explosion had come out of his shaft and that he was in any way at fault.

Axel the Foreman

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