Heluso's smaller brother


Boltzmann is Fraenor Uliman’s friend and gigantic bodyguard. He is both tall and incredibly broad, easily weighing as much as two normal men. He is bald and has a scarred, ruined face set in a permanent sulk. Though he does not often talk, when he does it is in a booming baritone with a constant patronising edge to it. Beyond when he throws full-grown miners out through closed doors (with much damage to the door) at head height, few have actually seen him fight. Those who have know that he fights with no recognisable style and no discipline – his is the fighting style of a man who grew up needing to use every part of his body and everything within reach as a weapon. He relies on his size, brute strength and raw experience to win. He is as likely to use his bare hands and nearby furniture to shatter ribs and pop jawbones as he is to plunge a sword into his opponent.

He has an indeterminable, yet decidedly foreign accent and was recruited by Fraenor on his travels. Nobody, perhaps not even Fraenor, knows where he comes from. Certainly he is not telling. He lives in Fraenor’s house and seems content to guard his master from harm and nastily break up the occasional bar brawl between miners. Curiously enough, he seems able to read, as some have seen him going over paperwork for Fraenor.


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