Cassius Radec

Imperial General, Aristocrat and Spy


Born to one of the most prestigious families in the Empire, one of Cassius’ uncles was a Consort to the Empress, giving him just about the best start in life it is possible to have. An expensive education, combat training from birth, foreign tutors in topics as esoteric as architecture, sorcery and mathematic as well as an upbringing in the most vicious courts in all the world made sure that by the time he reached adulthood Cassius Radec was a polymath with a razor sharp mind and a careful eye for people. Nepotism gave him a high ranking position in the Imperial Army – a position which, unusually for such an aristocratic entrance, he was exceptionally well suited to. Making sure to spend as much time in the courts as he did in the field gave him a singular advantage in that he knew who was likely to rebel and in what fashion almost as quickly as they did.

A career spent simultaneously outmaneuvering enemies of the Empress on the field of battle and destroying them in court sent him rising through the ranks to the position of Imperial General, one of the highest in the Empire. A personal favourite of the Empress, it is a favourite topic of gossip in the courts of Center that he was offered a position in the Imperial Harem – a Consort of the Empress herself. Why he refused such a position isn’t known – who would pass up an opportunity to have their children be in direct line to the throne? – and even more mysteriously, why he is still in the good graces of the Empress? If anything, he has become even more favoured, being granted a personal audience at least every few months.

The truth is that he refused the position of Consort in order to become the Left Hand of the Empress – a secret title offered only to those whose personal loyalty to the Empress is beyond all doubt. Ordinarily, such fanatics join the Crimson Guard but a previous Empress saw the advantage in a dependable ally that could move with more subtlety than someone who lacked a jaw. While the Jawless guard the Empress body, the Left Hand protects her interests, scouring the Empire for plots, traitors and rebels. It is a task which Radec has taken to like a fish to water.

Cassius Radec is doubly unusual and for that reason to be especially feared – an Imperial General who is not only competent but actually loyal.

Cassius Radec

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