Mysterious associate of the Council


Ethelred is a little known associate of the Council. He holds no post and has no recognisable authority, and yet he seems to come bearing the will of the highest authorities in Uldholm. No papers bear his signature and he is not on the charter of any Guild, yet his personal power is rumoured to be considerable. Those who are powerful enough in Guild or national politics to have come across him have come to the conclusion that he is the Council’s spymaster, although no such official position exists. Those who have met him in person never get any answer as to who he answers to directly or what it is, exactly, that he does.

A friendly looking man in his forties, going grey, who defies Uldish tradition by dressing very conservatively in drab colours. He wears no jewellery and no signet ring – the only possession he seems to flaunt is a small dagger with a very ornate handle.

Ethelred met the party in their cell after the bar fight and informed them that they were being sent up north, permanently. He hinted their only chance of being able to return would be to make the Roufil mining operation profitable. He came bearing a carefully worded legal document affixed with the seals of all the Council members and an official approval from the Senate.

He and Fraener seem to share some history and bad blood.


REIGN: Blood and Snow Doodmons