Fraener Uliman

The mayor of Roufil. Politically saavy, forceful and rather shady


Fraener Uliman is the current and so far only mayor of the village of Roufil. He has held the post since the area was settled since it was his idea in the first place. An up-and-coming member of the Miner’s Guild, he discovered vast amounts of ore in the previously unsurveyed hills in the north of Uldholm. While he could have used the prestige from this find to get a surveying position pretty much anywhere in the country, he used many of his connections and contacts to wrangle the job of Chief of the mining project. Once there were enough miners to warrant a settlement, he once again managed to get himself promoted and was appointed mayor of the new village. This was a clear indication of his ambitions – rather than advance in the Guild, he took a position purpose designed for political training for potential Senators.

However, things seemed to have gone wrong for Fraener. It has been years since the village was founded and he is still there. Those in the cities who remember him think of him as ‘that promising young man who disappeared’ and when any hear about his situation, it is easy to assume he decided to stay comfortable.

With signs of his old ambition seemingly long gone, the political elite of Uldholm have been content to leave Fraener to his village. There are always rumours amongst those who used to back him that he has been forced into his current position by political pressure, or that he is waiting for something, but it seems fairly obvious he is content to stay in his current situation.

Fraener’s history is a classic Uldish story – a scrappy underdog who clawed his way up the guilds through grit and cunning. He deviates a little from the norm with a two year adventure outside the borders of Uldholm, claiming that the Ulds have much to learn from foreigners. He returned from his travels with significantly greater knowledge of magic, many new ideas and most importantly, his colossal bodyguard Boltzmann. Nobody is sure where he went on his travels and nobody has dared to question Boltzmann’s arrival.

With the recent arrival of the party, Fraener was furious with them and accused them of being forgers and usurpers attempting to overthrow his rule of the village.

After they returned to apologise, he was a lot calmer and more diplomatic. He claimed that the squalor of the village was a deliberate choice on his part and that he couldn’t elaborate any further. He seemed to have a history with – and a lot of resentment towards – Ethelred.

The party, particularly Rammus, suspect Fraener of ordering their assassination through One-eyed Nina.

The party noticed after the smelter explosion that the ordinarily very hands-off Fraener became very dynamic and took a central part in deciding what the village should do. In addition, Warwick noticed that when Fraener saw the remains in the smelter and smelled the ore, he was terrified.

Fraener Uliman

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