Holk Gurson

De facto head of Roufil's nonexistant Soldier's Guild


Holk is providing the PCs Company with the ‘Unexpected Deliverance’ advantage under the tag of ‘The Scrappy but Underappreciated Lieutenant who will sacrifice himself to save the day when all hope seems lost’ which provides a one-time bonus of +3d to a roll involving Might. When used, Holk dies.


Holk Gurson is the closest thing to a guildmaster of the Soldier’s Guild that Roufil has. Considering he is the only member of the Soldier’s Guild in town, and is only a journeyman at that, this isn’t saying much. At the moment, he lives in the Miner’s Guildhall and trains and leads Roufil’s ragtag militia in the defense of the village.

Holk himself is competent enough with a blade and is a veteran of the Truil Wars, but never made Squad Leader rank and has a serious lack of confidence in himself as a leader. He reluctantly heads up the militia as he is the only choice but since the party’s arrival he is very happy to defer to them and has fallen into place as their lieutenant.

A rugged man in his early 30s with a neatly trimmed beard, he wears his Soldier’s uniform with pride and takes good care of his sword, shield and armour. When he is caught up in the moment and not thinking, his confidence shines through and he carries himself with strength and conviction. However, most of the time he is fairly quiet and self conscious for a Soldier, happy to share a drink and a game of stones with some friends rather than sing the night away.

Holk Gurson

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