Ladnar Dilkis

A fussy, meticulous, cowardly accountant


Part of the expedition sent northwest to Roufil, Dilkis is an expert accountant and his knowledge of all things monetary and legal is mirrored handily by his lack of knowledge in most other matters. He is a portly, elderly man who defies Uldish tradition by dressing sensibly and fairly conservatively. He is happiest when left to his own devices with a large stack of accounting to do, or with legal papers to revise.

The slightly unusual combination of legal knowledge and financial wisdom makes him extremely adept at furrowing out fraud and other financial misdoings, and many a corrupt official has paled at the thought of an audit being conducted by Ladnar Dilkis. He does not do this out of malice, loyalty to the State or any sense of justice, however. Rather, he likes to see accounts in good order and any discrepancies or inefficiencies stamped out.

His presence in the expedition is an obvious one. The poor output of Roufil has at the very least financial incompetence at its heart, if not outright corruption. Dilkis is an easy choice for rooting out the cause.

On the other hand, Dilkis has never handled a weapon in his life, is not even close to being fit and has a poor grasp of surviving in the middle of a city surrounded by servants, nevermind in a frontier town. Accordingly, the Guild of Bankers, Lawyers and Mercenaries has sent Ulrik Hafhind and a small contingent of fighters along to serve as Dilkis’ personal bodyguards.

Ladnar Dilkis

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