Oathbreaker, the sword

A hai-dinda with the spawn of a demon inside it


Oathbreaker is not a hellblade as such, but rather a normal hai-dinda which appears to have had a demon placed inside it somehow. The sword was previously known as Oathmaker and was forged as a demonstration of a Dindavaran noble’s determination to see his and his betrothed families united in peace. Since the sword became possessed, the writing on the hilt which spells the sword’s name and “I forge oaths that tie us together” has changed to be Oathbreaker and “I break oaths that tie us together” – again, nobody is sure quite how this has happened.

Riven has taken the sword with him into exile to get it as far away from Dindavara and the demon within as possible. The nobles of Dindavara are not sure how long the sword was possessed and listening to their plans for and since destroying the sacred blade is out of the question, their only option was to hide it.

The sword can speak, albeit very quietly, and generally only Riven can hear it. In addition, it speaks Dindavaran, although it has recently shown that it can understand and speak a little Uldish. Riven and Oathbreaker have an uneasy friendship born of being in each other’s company for so long and even though neither trusts the other they know that they have a mutual need for one another.

Oathbreaker is sarcastic, cruel and frighteningly intelligent. Riven has managed to cajole some combat training out of the demon, although he is aware that he is being tricked into using the sword in a way that may break it, freeing the demon. Somehow, Oathbreaker has learned intimate knowledge of Dindavaran culture and history and is quick to quote Dindavaran teachings to shame Riven, or sing songs to keep him up at night. The demon inside thirsts for blood and Riven is generally reluctant to use the blade, instead relying on his fists in order to keep the demon from feeding.

Riven has recently demonstrated to the party that the sword can speak and explained the presence of the demon. Oathbreaker quickly set out to tell the party that Riven was insane and that they should take the sword for themselves. He seems undeterred by his lack of success.

Riven realised that Oathbreaker spoke and understood a lot more Uldish than he was letting on when he was giving basic language lessons to the blade. Thus far, it is unclear how much the sword understands, and more worryingly, what else he has picked up.

Oathbreaker seems afraid of the Cave of Dark Reflections and refuses to talk about what he experienced inside.

Oathbreaker, the sword

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