Oleg the barkeep

Owner and bartender of the Jolly Truil


Oleg is a member of the Guild of Brewers, Innkeepers and Givers of Hospitality and owner of the Jolly Truil in Roufil. A greying man with equally bushy moustache and eyebrows, he is cheery, good natured and surprisingly willing to have a giant, carnivorous bird in his stable.

He turns over a decent profit from all the miners and spends most of his time looking after the Inn and practicing his homebrew. His beer is getting quite good by any man’s standard but he hasn’t yet got the hang of liquor that doesn’t explode.

Oleg considers himself the peacekeeper of the village and often negotiates between Fraenor and Boltzmann, the four foremen, the miners, Holk, Turblad and the others in the village, all while making a healthy profit off drinks whenever there’s an argument. Oleg is very well travelled, as one of the requirements for Journeymanship in the Guild is to work all around the country to see a variety of customs and drinks. Naturally, he has made a few connections over the years and occasionally mentions to people that he probably knows a way to make a few illicit purchases should the money be available.

Oleg the barkeep

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