One-eyed Nina

Crafty and ferocious bandit leader


One-eyed Nina has her moniker from the scarred and ruined half of her face and the eyepatch which covers the empty socket. Rumours amongst her gang include her injuries being gained in a fight with the Crimson Guard, a lover’s quarrel with a Fire Dancer, single-handedly fighting Sunless Plains berserkers and in a duel with a Dindavaran sword master.

Regardless of the truth (and its mundanity) Nina is a born leader who rules her sizable warband with an iron fist. She commands fear from its junior members, respect from the hardened veterans at its core and loyalty from all. She even manages to keep the Fire Dancers, the band’s Stormtongue and Tulia, a hardline believer in the cult of the Grave Queen in line.

A former Soldier, she keeps a reasonably strong sense of personal honour. She has no problem crushing the weak or unready, or using guile and subterfuge to gain an advantage but she generally accepts surrender without complaint, holds to bargains except where there is truly enormous gain in her breaking them and tries not to antagonise the areas she moves through [i]too[/i] much.

Surprisingly little is known about her aside from her leadership and tactical abilities and her skill with a bow and blade. She is definitely a native-born Uld, since she has admitted to being a Soldier, but where she is from, why she left the Guild and even whether Nina is her real name are all unknown.

One-eyed Nina’s warband has been paid a vast sum of money to assassinate the party by an unknown person or group. After her first attempt failed, she approached the village in force with the news that one of her band knew Felix and wanted to challenge him to single combat. From her perspective, this was a win/win. Either the party lost its formidable Fire Dancer or he would strike down someone who had a very legitimate reason to hate him. At the very least, she would drive a wedge between Felix and the party, not to mention the rest of the village.
After Felix won the duel, Nina upheld her end of the bargain and left immediately – to the great surprise of Rammus and Warwick.

One-eyed Nina

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