Robin the White

A warrior of the Sunless Plains and Expert of the Guild of Bankers, Lawyers and Mercenaries. Completely insane.


Beyond the fact that Robin the White comes from the Sunless Plains – which is obvious enough from his dress, accent and skin colour – not much is known about his life before he came to Uldholm. Considering Sunless Plains fighters are known for loyalty to their country bordering on suicidal fanaticism, why he not only came to another country but whole-heartedly took up its values by joining a Guild is a mystery.

The question of why a foreign-born managed to secure a place in an Uldish Guild is answered when he is seen on the field of battle. Robin is that rare exception that is far too skilled for a Guild to pass up. While the Soldiers would have nothing to do with him – they take the native Uld requirement far more seriously than other Guilds – the Mercenaries welcomed him with open arms. A master with a polearm and of the Black Thirst fighting style, Robin is a screaming, bloodstained blur of steel and cloth on the battlefield, frothing at the mouth and cackling madly with each kill. Clearly unsuited to any of the more clandestine assignments the mercenaries undertake, Robin specialises in training (terrifying) private armies and leading them into battle.

Robin the White

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