Sonorous Talbot

The Physician of Roufil


Sonorous is the only guilded Physician in Roufil and while a few others in the village know some basic medicine, he is the only trained healer around. Mining and farming is dangerous work and any village is going to suffer its share of illness and injury, so Sonorous is never lacking in patients. A middle aged man who is starting to go grey, Sonorous is beginning to show his age and tries to get people to bring the ill to him, especially when they are miners who are up in the hills. As with any Guildsman who is in the middle of nowhere, he is not especially gifted (or he would be in one of the main cities making a fortune) but he enjoys his work and genuinely cares for his patients and frequently works long into the night.

He does not often talk about himself, but the rumour in the village places him as a once highly valued Physician who made a mistake or an enemy and found himself being pushed out. One of the sad truths of Uldish values is that there is no room in society for bad luck or incompetence and Sonorous seems to be one of the victims of that. Nonetheless, he does not seem to begrudge his position in Roufil and takes a quiet pride in being of such value to the villagers. He will never make a fortune, but the friendship of the whole village is perhaps just as good.

Sonorous Talbot

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