Svar Utgeld

Deceased son of a councillor


Svar Utgeld was the arrogant, spoiled son of Pa Utgeld, a Master Soldier and member of the Council. Svar was talented and reasonably bright, but was lazy, short tempered and a bully. With protection from his father, he was the hated but feared blight of Uldholm’s taverns and music halls. Pa Utgeld provided him with Ram and Shunt, a pair of enormous Ob-lob twins, as bodyguards and they have done much to ensure that Svar has remained unharmed despite his propensity for getting into fights.

On the Feast of Angermonth, Svar was killed in a bar brawl, apparently clubbed and stabbed to death. His father is reportedly furious and has demanded the execution of those responsible.

Svar Utgeld

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