Turblad Rolffson

Spergy farmer and member of the Cultivator's Guild


Turblad Rolffson is rightly credited as the main reason that the village of Roufil has not starved during bad winters. The soil in the area is not especially fertile, there are no rolling pastures for grazing large herds of animals and there are simply not very many skilled farmers in the village to feed a bunch of hungry miners. Turblad and his family own a farm outside the village and cultivate the land beyond what any in the village thought could be done. Not only does he have several blooming fields of crops (rotated so that he gets several harvests a year) he also maintains herds of sheep, cows and haags, has an orchard, a herb garden and maintains a fenced off clutch of ‘experimental’ plants.

Despite this, Turblad is not well liked in the village and is generally left alone (which is the way he likes it) because of his obsession with farming and his brash and unfriendly manner with people who interrupt him while he is working (most of the time) or thinking about working (the rest of the time). By modern standards, he’s quite seriously autistic.

This is the reason he is farming out in Roufil. Despite having a Cultivator’s skill that only a few Masters could claim to possess, he never advanced beyond Expert rank and when he was quietly shunted out to Roufil, he had very few complaints beyond needing supplies to set up his operations there.

Surprisingly, he is happily married with two children and seems to get on well with them. His long-suffering wife Karolina is the intermediary between him and the rest of the village and his children Vivi and Klaus are turning out to have much of his skill. Klaus in particular seems to have a keenly developed merchant’s intellect and has been doing much of the buying and selling for the farm in his adolescence.

Svar Josteinn met the Rolffson family and made a good impression of himself. He learned out to make decent Barkwater from Karolina as well as learning the family had a small orchard of waterwood trees. He made inroads with Klaus to further develop the family’s commercial prospects using his Trafficker connections and received a list of exotic plants and seeds from Turblad which the family would pay handsomely for.

Turblad Rolffson

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