Ulrik Hafhind

Master Mercenary and Ladnar's bodyguard


Ulrik Hafhind is a horror story for many of the apprentices of the Mercenary wing of the Guild of Bankers, Lawyers and Mercenaries. The reality isn’t nearly as bad, of course, but it is fair to say that Ulrik has earned his fearsome reputation. Famed for his unconventional choice of a Greatsword as a weapon and his mastery of the Broadcutter’s Path – a Confederacy martial style that involves plowing through weapon and armour alike with the weight of a massive blade – Ulrik has a long and bloody history with the Guild. He earned his Master’s degree by not only fulfilling the contract obligations and protecting his charge from a group of assassins but also entering and winning the lord’s tournament by fighting a dozen men at once.
The real irony of Hafhind’s association with the Guild of Mercenaries is that he cares very little for pay – only for the challenge of combat. The Guild of Soldiers would take this information as a challenge to recruit him were he not famous for being unwilling to work with others.

Rammus, who also favours a Greatsword in combat, asked Ulrik whether he could teach him Broadcutter’s Path. After a mock duel in which both combatants managed to nearly knock one another unconscious before Ulrik emerged the victor, Ulrik agreed to tutor Rammus. In exchange, Rammus is paying Ulrik [Wealth 4] and will teach Ulrik what he knows of the Iron Tortoise style. They seem to have formed a budding friendship, with Ulrik warming to Rammus’ unusual charisma and quick studentship.

Ulrik Hafhind

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