Ulsa Salveig

The blacksmith of Roufil


Ulsa Salveig is an Expert ranking Blacksmith who fell on hard times after some bad business decisions and found herself working as a village blacksmith far out on the borders of the country. She doesn’t resent this overmuch as she has plenty of time to do the job she loves, rather than focusing on politics or making money. Her main regret is that she’ll never save up the small fortune required to take her Master’s exam. She is still working on her entry to that exam, however.

She is well regarded by the villagers and miners as quiet, but competent. She charges fairly, and works quickly and without complaint. She has a standing deal with the miners of the village that in return for discount rates with repairing their tools, she gets a choice selection of pieces of ore for her work, which they are happy enough to agree to since she doesn’t take much, and they get paid by quantity rather than quality of the ore.

She has struck up a friendship with (Dave’s character) and is pleased to meet another who shares a passion for her craft. She is impressed by his skill with smithing and they are currently working together to build him some new armour – she is providing the iron for free as she is happy to be working on something that isn’t a pickaxe or a shovel.

Dave saw her working on a rather large blackened axe, which she hid away once he arrived. She also asked him to wait outside while she finished up on it, although he did notice a very odd smell.

Ulsa later admitted the axe was her Masterwork – she was attempting to forge steel from memory without having ever been formally taught it. The axe is a sort-of success. It has thus far held an edge against everything she has tested it against, but is enormously heavy and has its blackened appearance – the opposite of real steel. She has no idea what went wrong.

Ulsa and (Dave’s character) as well as a few of the apprentices have been attempting to build a smelter in the village to try and make more money by selling pure iron rather than ore. Everything was going to plan when the smelter exploded one night, leaving some very strange residue. Both Ulsa and (Dave’s character), who both have experience with how they work, agree that there is no way it should have exploded.

Ulsa Salveig

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