Victor the Foreman

Completely hairless and very personable, the men's favourite foreman


Victor is the most laid back of the foremen and maintains a friendliness with his workers that even Stefan does not. Some, particularly Axel, argue that he is definitely the least skilled of the four foremen and tends to put a lot of the technical tasks in the hands of Karl, a keen apprentice. Nevertheless, he gets a lot out of his men and morale is high in Shaft Four. The composition of minerals and ore is unusual in Shaft Four and even his men say that the way they mine is rather disorganised, but the ground is rich and there is always plenty of work so it has not been a problem yet.

Somewhat unusually, Victor is completely hairless – not even any eyebrows or body hair. When asked about it, he shrugs and mentions something about hygiene. In addition, for someone univerally acknowledged as friendly and open, he does value his privacy and does not often receive visitors at his house. Some suspicious individuals might also question the way he does spend a lot of time above ground…

When the party paid a visit to Victor at his house, some of them started to detect magic. In addition, a sharp eyed Warwick spotted some shaving cream on Victor’s scalp. When they sent Craw to spy on him, Craw reported that Victor had a very high quality razor and even a mirror. Unusual for someone on a foreman’s salary. Victor seems to take an awful lot of care to remain shaved.

Victor the Foreman

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