The Seeing Water

A bottle of water from the Cave of Dark Reflections. Seems to provide visions.


When poured into a bowl or some other container which provides a surface wide enough to look into, the water can provide a vision when the user fixes a question in their mind. It seems as though overuse can reduce the ‘potency’ of the water, as the first use after a long rest can provide full, coherent scenes up to several minutes long whereas repeated use in a short timespan can produce messier, incoherent visions with more metaphor and less meaning.

Also, using the water for a vision seems to produce a clear magical signal that sensitive people can detect in a wide radius. Only a few of the party are actually sensitive enough to have realised this.


When the party encountered the Cave of Dark Reflections, one of the predictions they were given was that one of them would take some water from the cave and use it for further reflections. Sure enough, Riven bottled some of the water and carefully stoppered it with wax to prevent it evaporating off. When Riven died, Rammus took the water from Riven’s belongings before they were all burned, willing to risk contamination to save it.

Thus far, the water has been used on two separate occasions.

Firstly, Rammus used the water to ask why Fraener was concerned about the closed off mines. He received a vision of a much younger Fraener and some unknown people who were apparently Fraener’s friends discussing an expedition into the mines. They mentioned that the mines contained great rewards but also great and unknown danger. Fraener declined to join his friends, saying that he was a politician now and was needed elsewhere.

Solun asked what the biggest threat was and received a vision of a bloody handprint and the words RED LEFT HAND seared into his brain.

Warwick asked if there was anything valuable near the village and the water turned into blood.

On the second occasion, Rammus asked the water what was in the closed off mineshafts. In the ensuing vision, he was blind and seemed to be underground, hearing the trickling of water. Suddenly, a shaft of light from above illuminated an underground lake. The water drained away to reveal that the walls and floor of the cave were absolutely covered in bloodstains.

The Seeing Water

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