Uldholm’s armies are hardly the envy of its neighbours and compared with the ruthless Dindavarans, the famed cavalry of the Heluso Confederacy and the Empires varied and formidable troops, Uldish soldiers look downright amateurish.

The guild system rewards competence and enthusiasm over lineage or wealth, so while this leads to the Uldish officer cadre and leadership being superior and well-proven, the ranks of foot-sloggers leave much to be desired. Mediocrity is not rewarded in Uldholm and the rank and file can often be poorly-equipped, poorly drilled and untested.

However, the troops along the the country’s western border with the Truil Wastes and in particular the garrisons of the border forts on the Line of Shadow as well as the rangers who push into the Wastes are among the most battle-hardened and best trained veterans in the country. Named the Browncloaks for their characteristic winter uniform, there is hardly a man or woman among them who has not seen frequent combat with bloodthirsty Blue Faces or terrifying Night Hunters. The unconventional warfare of the Truils has left the Browncloaks with a higher quality of soldier, one well used to sudden, unpredictable attacks and a life of constant vigilance. Their officers are experienced and toughened from years in the ranks before being raised and they are led by the formidable Marshal Strelot who, like all who attained the rank, well deserved his ascent through the Guild.

Though, like all Uldish troops, they often rely heavily on the terrifying magics of the Fire Dancers and Stormtongues, the long border and scattered mages have left the Browncloaks with much experience in fighting without the characteristic Uldish reliance on battle magic.


REIGN: Blood and Snow Doodmons