The Guild of Cultivators
The Cultivators’ Guild is the largest guild in terms of both members and seats on the Senate but aside from a few key issues, they are astoundingly politically divided. More than many, there is a divide in the guild between those who care about politics and those who don’t, giving rise to the stereotype that farmers cannot play at politicking. While untrue – indeed, the Cultivators’ Guild maintains its strength through some very astute Senators who do all they can to unite the masses – there are plenty of hardworking Cultivators who quietly pay their dues and spend all their time getting on with the job at hand. This is to the betterment of Uldholm, as food and other crops will always be in high demand.

The Guild of Merchants
The second largest guild and one of the wealthiest, the Merchants have great political power with their ability to unofficially regulate all other industries through the market. While they frequently come into jurisdictional battles with the Traffickers, officially the Merchants’ purview is all barter and trade involving Uldish made goods and services using Uldish Wreaths.

The Guild of Miners and Gemcutters

The Guild of Weavers and Basketmakers

The Guild of Artisans and Blacksmiths

The Guild of Masons

The Guild of Soldiers

The Guild of Bankers, Lawyers and Mercenaries

The Guild of Brewers, Innkeepers and Givers of Hospitality

The Guild of Physicians

The Guild of Entertainers

The Guild of Enchanters, Sages and Life-long Students


REIGN: Blood and Snow Doodmons