Night Hunters

The Night Hunters are one of the two main Truil tribes that Uldholm have dealings with. They live in the regions along the north part of the Uldholm/Wastes border and unlike their southern cousins, the Blue Faces, they have not resisted the Uldish occupation in force.

That is not to say that they welcomed their dark-skinned natives with open arms – far from it, they are in fact engaged in a full scale guerilla war – but the decimation of the Blue Face tribal groups who fought the superior Uldish armies in a straight fight taught the Night Hunters that the tactics that gave them their name would better serve them. The Night Hunters do not make use of the berserker drug kratig and put little value on a fanatically brave warrior, they instead reward careful exploration and attacking their enemies in critical locations when they are least expected. They have had much more success attacking the Ulds behind the Line of Shadow and penetrate the defenses of the border forts a lot more than the Guild of Soldiers would like to admit.

They are as honourable and stoic as any Truil tribe and share many customs and rituals with the others, but they uniquely practice a form of shape-shifting magic known as the Night Hunters’ Art that allows them to commune with wolves. This is little known or understood in Uldholm and while the Ulds are aware that the Night Hunters possess magic involving stealth and deception, the fact that their attuned mages can freely shapeshift into wolves is not known, apart from in the border forts.

Fighting the Night Hunters has been an exercise in frustration for Uldholm, as precious few Night Hunter encampments have been found, let alone successfully attacked. Mostly, it has been a case of fortifying any territorial gains against Night Hunter raids and trying to catch them out. More recently, the Uldish rangers have been trying to beat them at their own game but have had little success against the far more experienced and knowledgeable Truil scouts. Because of this, large portions of the land beyond the Line of Shadow which is Uldish territory in name is instead fully in the hands of the Night Hunters apart from isolated pockets of fortified settlers who are practically under siege at all times.

Night Hunters

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