The Cave of Dark Reflections

In the centre of the cave is a circular pool of dark water with no visible bottom, several metres in diameter. In the centre of the pool is an odd statue which looks as though it has been formed directly from the rock, rather than being carved. It is of an odd, distorted figure with three heads: one of a horse, one of a pig and one of a bird. A shaft of sunlight descends from the ceiling and illuminates one half of the horse and pig heads. Frost seems to rime the bird head.

The statue speaks to those who approach the pool in a deep, distorted voice of no discernable gender. Each head speaks separately, with clearly different intonation. The horse head is questioning, the pig pensieve and the bird angry.

The three heads will eventually offer Questions, Predictions and Reflections.

First visit: Three questions, four predictions, five reflections

1. Do you enjoy hurting other people?
2. Who arranged for you to be sent north?
3. Why are people leaving instructions written in wax in the Roufil guild hall?

1. On the 21st of Plantingmonth, you will wake to the smell of blood where no blood has been spilled
2. One of you will take some water from the pool and ask it for further reflections
3. Before this is over, you will question your births
4. Knowing that a Tower is a ring turned on its side will save all of your lives

1. One of you has more legs than he is letting the others know
2. Everything you do matters from this moment on
3. You have already met someone who can give each of you what you desire most. The next time you meet will be the last.
4. At this moment, the man who will become the man who ends the world is walking in sunlight. There is sweat on his upper lip, and he is thirsty.
5. A man you met today was once attacked by a woman with a knife. He still does not know why he ate her, but he thinks about it often.

The Cave of Dark Reflections

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