The Imperial Calendar

Firstmonth: First month of spring. Snows begin to thaw around halfway through this month.

Plantingmonth: Spring rains and floods, definitely the wettest month of the year. Little actual planting done because of this.

Threemonth: Weather begins to dry out. Proper spring weather with all the flowers and such.

Fourmonth: First month of summer.

Angermonth: Middle of the summer. Named because even in Uldholm it gets incredibly hot and dry, so temperatures can flare over the slightest thing. Feast of Angermonth is celebrated in Uldholm on the 21st, a day of holiday to let some of the tension go.

Fruitingmonth: Crops begin to swell. Weather still good but not as brutally hot as Angermonth.

Fallingmonth: First month of autumn. Trees begin to lose their leaves halfway through the month. In Uldholm, days begin to get duller and rainier.

Harvestmonth: Harvest usually gathered around the beginning of this month. Festivals popular in rural areas, weather still generally reasonable although getting colder.

Chillingmonth: Temperatures begin to drop in earnest. Days growing quite short,

Winterlock: First month of winter. Often there are still temperatures fluctuations and so some hot days. Otherwise, first snows begin to fall.

Dyingmonth: Midwinter. Colder regions can remain snowbound for weeks, the days are shortest and darkest and generally it is the most miserable month.

Lastmonth: Sun starts to brighten a little and snows may begin to recede.

The Imperial Calendar

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