The Town of Bankeld

Bankeld is the largest town in the northwest region of Uldholm and is the main population center around the Dindavaran and Truil borders. Consequently, it is frequently raided and is much more heavily defended than many other towns of its size. The Masons’ Guild has a large presence in the town and prides itself in the fortified buildings and defenses they constructed for Bankeld. Similarly, the Soldiers’ Guild maintains a large presence in the town and it is used as a resting point for troops rotating in and out of duty on the various fortresses along both borders.

With proximity to both borders and a strong military presence, the Merchants’ and Traffickers’ guilds use Bankeld as a center of trade for the region and consequently there is a high volume of traffic flowing in and out of Bankeld at all times and there are markets held on most days. The villages and farms of the region send their produce here to be sent on to the wider world and the guilds run very profitable caravans that take product from the outlying villages to Bankeld for a price.

Despite the large Soldier presence in town, Bankeld has a thriving black market and all manner of illicit goods can be found being bought and sold in the backrooms of inns or in back alleys. There are animal-fighting rings, gambling houses and even pit fights to take advantage of the high population of travellers in Bankeld.

In the winter, when the storms and snows come, Bankeld is a more less welcoming place. With Truil raids from over the border and a slowing of trade, the town becomes locked down and with purses lightened, food scarcer and livelihoods at risk, Bankeld can become dangerous for outsiders.

The Town of Bankeld

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