The Village of Roufil


  • Influence: 2
  • Might: 3
  • Sovereignty: 3
  • Territory: 1
  • Treasure: 2


An Underappreciated But Scrappy Officer Who Will Take Charge When All Seems Doomed And Save the Day Only To Lose His Life In The Process: A one-use +3d bonus to a Might roll. At some point, Holk can save the day at the cost of his life.

Small Horizons: Because the village is small enough that everybody knows everybody, rolling Sovereignty + Treasure to increase Influence has its Difficulty reduced by 1.


The village of Roufil is the site of the headquarters of the expedition. It is a small border village very close to the line of shadow and is often at risk of Truil attack – consequently, its town guard is surprisingly well drilled for such a small community. The village is the focal point of local mining operations – several shafts and quarries dotted all over the surrounding hillsides producing a variety of ores and minerals.

Even a cursory glance shows that things are not going well for Roufil. The streets are quiet and desolate, the buildings grubby and decaying and what little paving there is around the town square is overgrown. The mines around Roufil have literally never met a quota and the poor output of the village is a matter of embarrassment for the Guild of Miners. Though the conditions are harsh, the landscape is known to be fairly rich in wealth and it is not known in the capital why Roufil has not fared better.

Physically, the village is a collection of a few dozen buildings closely packed together for protection. At the centre of the village is a paved square with a dry fountain. Most of the buildings are wooden, but the few around the square are clearly the originals as they are made of stone – this includes the mayor’s house, the tavern, the guild hall and the town constabulary.

The Village of Roufil

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